• Tasty snow white cauliflower introduced in 1876 to England from Denmark, oldy heirloom variety which is early to ripen,excellent flavour.     


    Great taste and a crisp yet tender texture. Its one of the oldest classic  cauliflower varietys, a market leader for many years.


    Can be eaten in many ways,  steamed, raw , stir fries, in salads,  soups, pickled,  or frozen, high in fibre, iron,potassium and vitamins , c, b3,  and b5 also a immune booster.


    Mark Twain called the cauliflower a cabbage with a college  degree. AYR  cauliflowers have stood the test of time as a regular favourite in the home garden as they are self  blanching  by way of  a  large wrapper of leaves to cover and protect the head.

    Snowball cauliflowers - 20 plants

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