• The Trichogramma parasitic wasp is a  natural antagonist of the clothes moth.

    They have  an excellent sense of smell and can localize the laid eggs of moths by means of the  tiny parts of wing scales that the female moths lose when they lay eggs.

    Trichogramma parasitic wasps are egg parasites, that is they look for laid eggs of moths.

    They lay their own eggs inside of them and instead of a moth larvea a new  beneficial parasitic wasp hatches.

    This cycle repeats as long as there are moth eggs avaliable.

    The parasitic wasps are only interested in moth eggs.

    Once the moth eggs are gone they die and disappear inconspicusly in house dust.

    Harmless to humans and pets.

    Can be used all year round.

    Simply hang the cards in your room or wardrobe but do not open them.

    The side opening is sufficient for the wasps to leave the card.

    Pack quantity  1 card.

    1 card per room.






    Clothes / Food Moth control with Trichogramma natural control.