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Coco & Coir all-purpose compost is a peat-free compost that is enriched with essential nutrients and slow-release fertilizers that feed plants for up to 6 months.

It is made from 100% natural coir, which increases the porosity of the potting mix, helping to keep the soil loose and airy, and promoting better root growth.

Coco & Coir all-purpose compost is suitable for a variety of plants, including houseplants, pot plants, and outdoor plants such as fruits, vegetables.

The fertilizers in Coco & Coir all-purpose compost are added dry, so they do not start to release nutrients until the compost is water.p

This compost is easy to use and provides a natural and organic alternative to traditional peat-based composts.

Makes 3 litres of compost.

Coco and Coir all purpose compost.


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