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  •  Haylage moist   Fowls field baled 2 /8/18

    quadrant 2100 bale up to 4 foot long

    measures  0.80 m x 0.70 m x 1.21m = 677 cubic volume

    Palatable and  very leafy, moist  short cut and 2nd cut.

    meadow grass no rye.

    High density bales, packed tight lots of feed per bale.

    Lovely stuff.

    Medium energy levels.

    Taken from old  established ley.

    Will last for ages  when opened.

    all bales guaranteed

    water proof pack

    delivered 20 miles radius of Liskeard , Cornwall .PL14 6SR

    delivery fee is £10. up to 8 bales

    DAMAGED OR POOR BALES will only be replaced , credit given

    IF the original bale / part bale is available for me to see . . . .  thanks AA 

    Fowls field moist Haylage - 677 cubic volume- meadow rye mix grass, 2nd cut


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