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AA Extraordinary Exceptional Haylage High Density phenomenal  bales baled tightly packed on 19/ 8 /21 quadrant 2100 bale up to 4.5 foot long measures 0.80 m x 0.70 m x 1.38 m haylage 2nd  cut 6 ply wrap thickness- no wastage.

Palatable meadow grass . High density bales, packed tight . Lovely stuff. Medium energy levels. Taken from old established ley.

Very tight packed bales with a lot of feed per bale. water proof pack.

DAMAGED OR POOR BALES will only be replaced , credit given

IF the original bale / part bale is available for me to see . . . .  thanks AA 

Extraordinary Exceptional Haylage meadow grass mix 2nd cut


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