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Brassica stock update

Overwintering plants are ideal to be planting at the moment with the three types of spring cabbage: Durham early, April and Wheelers imperial. Kale is always good to plant at this time of year this late and vertus savoy is also a good choice. Leeks are going well too, with Musselburgh especially growing well!

Wallflowers, old fashioned traditional bedding plants are available and doing really well this year, particularly the Persian carpet variety, old English Fair lady mix and there is also the Tom Thumb variety. We have hungry gap kale plants and autumn broad bean seed too. Other seed varieties we have in stock include carrots, parsnips, beetroot, runner beans and peas. Aquadulce broad bean seed and other varieties are available.

Bulbs are coming in such as daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells and iris. All of these would be ideal to start your own wildflower garden that is great for pollinating insects.

If you have any old vegetation you need to cut down, we have a range of alpine scythes that will do the job as well as some authentic Austrian scythes coming in soon. There are also new cultivator tools, digging forks and spades in stock.

Dalefoot compost is peat free and organic, made from sheeps wool and bracken and does not require feeding all season. We have soil testing kits that are an ideal way to prepare for the next season. Volcanic rock dust has plant nutrients to counteract any imbalances in your soil plus tubs of Cornish Sea sand that can replace lime.

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