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Christmas is around the corner!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

We have a range of bird feeders available, such as a window feeder, ideal if you have limited space in the garden and want to have a view of the birds from any room! There is a bottle top kit that allows you to easily fill a bottle and attach it to this hanging device. As a small stocking gift, you can get pop-up bird feeders that are easily filled and hung. There are even snazzy apple design feeders that would look very sweet in the garden. Getting into the festive spirit, there is a fat ball garland that you can hang in a tree.

We have "grow your own ladybirds" kits that not only will it be fun for the children, but they can help control pests in your garden at the same time! The kits provide eggs for two spotted ladybirds which are a native species.

We have a novelty flower water spray that can brighten any garden and add a bit of fun to your watering. If you are looking for a more productive gift, see our ‘instruments, gadgets and devices’ section as well as the "sundries" section that has a great variety of products, from lights, weeding tools to decorative blown glass garden ornaments and a rechargeable lighter!

We stock a wide range of hand tools that can be a perfect gift for your green-fingered friends! For example, slashers, forks, weed slicers, trowels and hoes. The mighty digger can hoe, dig, loosen soil, till and weed all in one and as a smart sized hand tool at only £5 (plus postage). It has a carbon steel blade and prongs that can withstand heavy duty use through shrubs, tree roots and hard soil and a comfortable rubber handle.

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