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Easter Update

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

April is an ideal time to plant overwintered spring cabbage, which should be ready to harvest in 6-8 weeks. These plants have been in the field all winter, therefore they are well acclimatised to all weathers and are just waiting to get in your vegetable patch!

Seed potato, shallots, garlic and onion sets are all needing to be planted now too.

Tunnel grown plants like broad beans, garden peas, lettuce, courgette, sweetcorn, spinach, fennel, pumpkin and rhubarb are available.

Why not try our green artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes, edible nasturtium, horseradish or strawberries!

There are anemone corms and plants, sweet peas, Japanese minza, savoy, parsnip and snowdrops in the green available too!

Buy while stocks last... limited availability on some items!

Please visit our website at:

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