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From Helen this time !!

Hi Andrew is so so busy in the cabbage field that I have decided to contact you all (a few of you have spotted already) the New Season brassica plants are ' fit to travel ' !! on the website we have put on all the varieties that we have at this time , not quite the range as last year, the dry weather has taken it's toll on some plants. More varieties growing in the field. There are some cabbage, kales, broccoli cauli leeks to choose from.

We have added bundles of seven plants as well as our 12's and 20's just in case you only have room for a few.

This is the most common question I get asked over the phone..My plants have arrived I can't plant them immediately what shall I do? When your lovely bare root field grown plants arrive with you please remove them asap and either - if you can plant them right away or Heel them in, in other words bury the roots in any little patch of soil you can access - then water the soil, do not stand the plants in a bucket of water, they don't survive, they are not a cut flower that takes up water. They have very fine hairs on their roots that need the soil around them to soak up the water.

Finally from us ..... we would like to thank all of you, who by placing orders - since the Covid19 virus outbreak in March have kept us really busy ! We had the opportunity to list plants that we normally only sell from market stalls and then find a way to pack them with what we had here on the farm, so they survived the courier trip all over the UK which due to the situation was taking 2 days at least. We succeeded.... customer feedback has been really positive and complimentary thank you it meant that we didn't have to dispose of plants as the markets were closed. Sincere Thanks to everyone.

Andrew, Helen and daughter Lowenna ( who should have been at university)

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