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The weather for the last few weeks has been quite cold and dry with a bitter east wind and also frost some nights.

This has kept the field grown brassica plants from making much headway and they have been not been growing very fast, re photo at bottom of page (without Tess the sheepdog).

We are now on target to start marketing the bulk of these transplants towards the end of May. I will list online and email you all as soon as they are fit to travel !

However we have a selection available of tunnel grown seedlings - veg plants ready now, whilst stocks last. We have more coming on each week and I update the website several times each week.

These include: Asparagus, Sprouts, Beetroot, Chard, Peppers, Kohl rabbi, Garlic, Sugar Peas, Garden pea, Broccoli, Curly kale, Sweet corn, Wild flowers, Snowdrops in the green, Fennel, Parsley, Rhubarb, Jerusalem Artichokes, Strawberries, French beans, Minza greens, Lettuce, Swedes, Turnips, Marigold pot, Spring onions, Sweet Williams, Leeks, Broad beans, Spinach, Marrow, Courgettes, Sweet pea, Melon, Anemone, Mint, Thyme, Parsnip, Spring cabbage, Savoys and Hungry gap kale.

We also have garden tools, composts, fertilizers and crop protection products available.

Cornish Cabbage plants would like to thank all our customers for supporting our little business over the years, as our customers are at the heart of why we do what we do.

Without you, we would cease to exist.

We understand that in today's world, you have many options for your gardening needs and we are thrilled that you chose us.

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