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November Plant update

Plant spring cabbages for a great low maintenance over wintering crop resulting in delicious, tasty greens next spring. They are particularly cold tolerant and can withstand most winter conditions.

Netting or covering with fleece, using a humming line or spraying with grazers may help prevent pigeons and other pests as a chemical free, bird deterrent.

Top dress with some organic fertiliser and you could get delicious cabbage or greens by mid-spring. When they are nearly ready to harvest, plant a few more for a continual supply. You could also try hungry gap kale and thousand head kale for late cropping. We have Elephant garlic, Solant Wight garlic. A good crop of Fair Lady wallflowers and Brompton stocks. Aquadulce broad beans seeds or plants are ideal planting during November to over-winter. Plant now for a late crop of leeks.

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