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Rainy day chronicle.

The planting season is late this year due to the wet weather, wow we certainly have been wet down here in Cornwall.

It is an ideal time to buy your seeds like lettuce, beetroot etc and start them off on the window sill or greenhouse. There are a variety of plants like broad beans, garden and sweet peas even a few early brassica available. Also seedlings, a selection of lettuce, mizuna, mustard giant, texsel greens and chard, plus many more, check out online today's selection. Andrew updates the website every few days. Different types of mint, Alpine strawberries and several flowers we have as well. Onion and shallots bulbs and plants are listed with just a few seed potatoes left.

Preparing your ground, the ph needs to be high for brassicas so you can add lime or sea sand to help with this. Remin is a volcanic rock dust containing many trace elements that are also good to go in the ground early.

Now, it is a good chance to check the condition of all your tools also netting and fleece and crop protection. Replacement of any items are on the website. We are doing everything we can to be prepared for the coming season, especially the inside jobs !!

You might have noticed that the courier is now asking for a 'leave safe' place if no one is home, this is to get every parcel delivered as quick as possible, so please add a suitable place ( even in the shade, for when we do get better weather).

There is also a Saturday delivery service option now if this suits you it will be an extra £3.00 per order. Please clearly state Saturday if you want this. Generally as you know we send out early in the week specifically to get parcels delivered in a timely manner.

We celebrate 100 years this year of being in business, Andrew is the third generation, we hope to include some old pictures over the next few months also future ideas and plans to take us into the future and next 100 years!

Wishing all our customers and your families a very Happy Easter break, looking forward to the main field grown plant season.

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