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Stock update

Happy Easter to everyone! We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Here is an update on what we currently have, the website is updated weekly as we only show what is fit to travel, as more of all seedlings/plants will become available as the season advances. Please use the search bar on our website to find availability of the items listed.

Field-grown plants:

There is overwintered spring cabbage and greens, field grown Hungry gap kale and thousand head kale.

In the greenhouse:

There are seedlings of purple sprouting broccoli, Nero kale, greyhound cabbage, Brussel sprouts, scarlet kale, savoys and red ruble starter seedlings.

Nero di Toscana kale seedlings.

There are sweet, garden and purple peas, broad beans, pickling cabbage, a wide variety of lettuce, turnip, spinach, edible nasturtiums, rhubarb and rhubarb chard.

Rhubarb chard seedling plants.

We have Japanese greens, alpine strawberries, traditional strawberries, globe artichoke seedlings, radish, parsnips, and anemone corms.


There are coriander and bronze fennel starter plants, sorrel, plain leaf parsley and thyme seedlings.

Sorrel seedling plants.

Garlic, onion and potatoes:

There are garlic bulbs including elephant garlic bulbs, shallots, garlic plants, seed potatoes, onion sets, walla walla onions, Welsh seedling onions and spring onions.

Gardening tools & soil health:

We also stock a range of non-plant items such as soil conditioners, fertilisers, bird deterrents, gloves, composts, volcanic rock dust, sea sand, garden lime soil conditioner, and fleeces. We also have a wide range of gardening tools such as scythes, tillers, scrapers, forks and hoes.

Remin volcanic rock dust 1kg.


We have wildflower bee mixes, foxglove seedlings, cornflower wild meadow mixes, mixed daffodils in the green and quickthorn hedging.


We have a range of gourmet mushroom kits including blue-grey, pink, gold and white elm oyster. They make great gift!

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