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Tracking numbers


Thank you all for your orders this week , we kept up to date really well , no more orders this week will go out as we won't want plants in the courier system over the weekend .

We will be Off again on Monday pulling plants and packing .

Another question that I get emails about , is Tracking numbers and how to successful track your parcel , an issue with our website at the moment is that it won't automatically link into DHL...... but you can google DHL tracking and this is what should come up . . . . .. . ........

ONLINE DHL Express online tracking is the fastest way to find out where your parcel is. There's no need to call Customer Service when we can offer you real-time details of your parcel's progress as it speeds through the DHL Network on the way to its destination. Track a parcel Tracking number not 10 digits? Track your shipment on the DHL Parcel website! 

there is a box at the track a parcel point but this only takes a 10 digit number , all UK shipments have a 14 digit number so you need to drop down to the Track UK shipment ( 14 digit etc ) then put your number in and hey presto relevant info should appear.

Parcels leave us late afternoon and do not get scanned in until reaching our local depot so no information will show till after that point ...

I hope that this helps you track your parcel . Our website expert is hoping to link us direct with DHL and we will let you know if that works also.

Many thanks, happy planting, ideal weather, we are loving the rain we needed it .


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