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  • The Cabbage Kalibos is a sweet flavoured pointed red cabbage, perfect raw in salads. 


    A real all round vegetable, traditionally pickled but also makes a fine cooked vegetable. Use raw in salads for texture and colour.


    Kalibos has a firm, solid heart and few wasted outer leaves.


    Harvest: August to November


    Nutritional Values: Excellent source of vitamins A, C and B. The darkest leaves contain the most nutrients.


    Field Grown Plants available in the below sizes:

    9, 18, 50, 100


    Young Greenhouse Grown Plants also available:

    Baby Brassica’s (20-35 seedlings, tray not included)


    Sizes of plants will vary due to season and weather conditions.

    Cabbage Kalibos or Pointed Red Cabbage


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