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  • Bumblebees are docile and will pollinate your plants in your garden.

    They are different from Honeybees as they form short term colonies and contruct their own nests in existing cavities.

    Will only sting if severely aggravated.

    The colony consists of a queen and workers and a supply of nectar  to feed them if the natural source of nectar is in short supply.

    The colony alone is not suitable for use outdoors without protection from the weather.

    Place your colony in the garden, open it and the bumblebees will fly out to forage for pollen.

    At the end of the life of the colony, the Bumblebees will die off.

    However new queens will be produced which will fly off to produce colonies of their own.

    The Bumblebee colony kit is posted out direct from  the breeder.

    Bumble Bee Colony- the natural pollinators for your garden.


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