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  • This stunning looking Romanesco Cauliflower, highly attractive head of lime green is made up of a mass of small conical shaped florets forming a pointed curd not unlike a standard cauliflower. 


    It is packed full of superb flavour and more tender texture than a usual white cauliflower, very nutritious and are delicious eaten raw with dips.

    This heirloom variety dates 500 years back to Italy, and once the main head has been harvested it will then produce several smaller heads over the next few weeks.


    Harvest: August - October


    Nutritional Values: A good source of iron, manganese and anti-oxidants


    Field Grown Plants available in the below sizes:

    9, 18, 50, 100


    Young Greenhouse Grown Plants also available:

    Baby Brassica’s (20-35 seedlings, tray not included)


    Sizes of plants will vary due to season and weather conditions.

    Romanesco Cauliflower


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