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AA Surperior Haylage baled 28 / 8 /23

Hefty heavy duty high densityQuadrant 2100 bale up to 4.35 foot longmeasures 0.80m x0.70m x 1.38 m 2nd cut which is slightly shorter bale than the standard.

8 ply wrapper thickness.

Palatable meadow grass mix soft and sweet and nutritious

High density bales, packed tight.

Lovely stuff.Medium energy levels. Taken from old established ley.

Very tight packed bales with a lot of feed per bale.all bales guaranteed water proof pack.

DAMAGED OR POOR BALES will only be replaced , credit given

IF the original bale / part bale is available for me to see . . . . thanks AA

Surperior Haylage 2nd cut meadow grass mix


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