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  • The Cabbage Red Drumhead or Red Pickling Cabbage is a kind of cabbage also known as Red or Blue Kruat.


    Producing solid round heads with crisp hearts of purple red colour. Ideal for pickling and cooking, particularly lovely spiced at Christmas with your turkey dinner! 


    When traditionally pickled, this vegetable can be enjoyed throughout the year, but also tasty fresh as a cooked vegetable or raw in salads.


    The leaves change colour to the pH content of the soil, the more acidic soils the more reddish in colour. Neutral soils will grow more purple and alkaline soils coloured more greenish yellow, so the same plant is known by a different colour in various regions.


    To keep its red colour, you can add vinegar or acidic fruit to the soil, otherwise upon cooking red cabbage it will turn more blue.


    Harvest: August to November


    Nutritional Values: Excellent source of pro-vitamin A and vitamins B & C.


    Field Grown Plants available in the below quantities:

    9, 18, 50, 100


    Young Greenhouse Grown Plants also available:

    Baby Brassica’s (20-35 seedlings, tray not included)


    Sizes of plants will vary due to season and weather conditions.

    Red Drumhead (Red Pickling) cabbage


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