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How does your garden grow, Spring edition

We currently have available....!! over wintered field grown spring cabbages, Hungry gap kale. Elephant garlic bulbs, garden pea plants, sugar pod and shiraz varieties. Sweet pea plants, bee mix wildflowers also pot marigold seedlings.

There are seed potatoes,Marvel, Cara and organic Nicola, onion sets and shallots, pea and bean seed, seedling starter plants of purple sprouting broccoli, red russian and Brussel sprouts.

Oriental leaves, quick thorn plants, strawberry plants and Japanese greens. Good old spinach, rhubarb, also sweetcorn our all time favorites are listed online.

Gourmet mushroom kits, swede seedlings and several lettuce varieties. Baby leeks are just being listed now, small but will grow.

All sold subject to availability. The website is updated weekly as we only show what is fit to travel, generally more of all seedlings/plants will become available as the season advances.

We've been working hard to prepare the field for the 2024 season of brassica seeds to be sown. Later than most years but if the rest of April is warm then we will soon catch up.

We are putting together a leaflet to celebrate our 100 years and would love to include some reviews and photo's from our wonderful customers , if you would like to share some with us please respond to this email.

Happy days

Andrew and Helen

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