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What’s growing and meet the team!

What's growing?

We currently have over wintered spring cabbages, Hungry gap kale, garlic bulbs and plants including elephant garlic, lettuce, broad bean, garden pea and sweet pea plants.

There are seed potatoes, onion sets and shallots, pea and bean seed, Sweet William plants and seedling starter plants of savoy, primo, purple sprouting broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Oriental leaves, quick thorn plants, strawberry plants, anemone corms and Japanese greens.

Gourmet mushroom kits, turnip starter plants and black radish starter plants.

All sold subject to availability. The website is updated weekly as we only show what is fit to travel, generally more of all seedlings/plants will become available as the season advances.

Meet the team!

Helen and Andrew have lived and worked at Venton Veor for the past 50 years. Along with the occasional help of their two children, Mark and Lowenna, they grow and pull bare-rooted heritage variety brassica plants for gardeners at local farmer's markets and more recently via their online website to the rest of the country.

Andrew is the third generation of bare rooted brassica plant growers, with his father and grandfather before him, starting in 1924. As the main source of knowledge and expertise, Andrew takes a leading role in sowing the seeds, pulling the plants and in-person customer sales. Helen is the person who keeps everything running! From making the labels and plant passports, to communicating with DHL, customer queries and issues. She also helps pulling and packing the orders.

Mark studied Agriculture at Harper Adams University and since graduating has been home helping on the farm. Lowenna studied Conservation Biology and Ecology at Exeter university and currently works in North Devon on a lottery funded project called Finding Nature's Footprints with the North Devon Coast AONB. Both of them help pull and pack plants, especially during the busy summer months.

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